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About Deborah A. Evans

Deborah A. Evans has dedicated over two decades of her life to serving individuals with special needs, starting as a Therapeutic Homecare Provider in 1998. Her journey evolved as she became a bus driver for individuals with special needs in 2001, where she cultivated relationships with students, parents, and personnel from several schools. Despite her initial focus on advancing with the bus company through higher education in Business Marketing and Management, fate redirected her towards a more impactful path.

In 2012, an opportunity emerged for Deborah to substitute at a school catering to the same population she had grown close to during her 11 years as a bus driver. After three years of dedication as a substitute teacher, Deborah recognized her calling and returned to school in 2015 to earn a second Master’s Degree now in Special Education, solidifying her commitment to supporting individuals with special needs.

With her wealth of experience and passion for the field, Deborah attained certification as a NJ Certified Teacher of Students with Disabilities. Leveraging her firsthand knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with special needs and their caregivers, Deborah founded Ascend VRC in 2021. Ascend VRC stands as a testament to her dedication to providing immediate resources and support to caregivers, driven by years of passion and direct experience in the field.