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Elevating Individuals Through Comprehensive Educational Consulting Services

Ascend VRC’s mission is to empower individuals with comprehensive support and advocacy across the US. Our personalized educational consulting services focus on delivering tailored care, education and therapy programs, medical assistance, emotional care, advocacy, financial planning for education, social inclusion, and respite care provisions. Reach out today to discover how we can help you or your loved ones flourish academically, emotionally, and socially.

Personalized Support and Inclusion

Championing the rights and well-being of individuals with special needs and their caregivers is paramount. Ascend VRC strives to enhance awareness, secure necessary resources, and shape policies that facilitate a supportive and inclusive environment. The company’s dedication ensures that both individuals with special needs and their caregivers receive the understanding, assistance, and recognition essential for leading fulfilling lives.

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Our Dedicated Team Provides

  • Person Care: Provide a plan for daily hygiene routines, mobility, and other personal care needs.
  • Education and Therapy: Involvement in educational programs and therapy sessions tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • Medical Care: Assist with the management of any specialized healthcare needs.
  • Emotional Support: Provide emotional support and understanding, as well as foster a positive and inclusive environment.
  • Advocacy: Advocate for the individual’s rights within the educational, healthcare, and community settings.
  • Financial Planning: Manage financial aspects related to medical expenses, therapy costs, and potential government assistance.
  • Social Inclusion: Encourage social activities and create opportunities for social interaction and inclusion.
  • Respite Care: Arrange breaks for caregivers through respite care services to prevent burnout.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and discover how Ascend VRC’s educational consulting services can help you achieve academic success.